Due to the fact that I freelance in different studios that all cost different amounts it is hard to say exactly how much it will cost. However as a guide, here is what it would cost to record with me at BCJ Recording Studio in Bury (Manchester), which I use a lot.  These prices are based on how long bands usually book.  Some bands book more time and some book less, these are just average amounts of time.  Email me for a chat and we can more accurately tailor a price to your needs.



ONE SONG (recorded in 2 days)


FOUR SONGS (recorded in 4 days)


TEN SONGS (recorded in 8 days)


**check the revisions heading at the bottom, this still applies to the bundle)



If you have recorded yourself/elsewhere and want me to mix your music I charge £100 per song for mixing.  This includes mastering if you require it.



I always provide a free mastering service for music that I have mixed.  If you have had your music mixed elsewhere and want me to master your music I charge £30 per song.

If you require more than 1 version of a song it is £5 per additional master.  For example, if you have a radio version, an instrumental, vinyl master etc each additional version will be an additional £5.



I am always more than happy to do as many mix revisions as it takes to make sure you are happy with the finished product. However, once your music has been mastered, if you require me to go back to the multitrack session in order to make any tweaks/edits, this will be charged at £10 per song.  Then an additional £5 per version, if you had requested them. (radio edit, instrumental, vinyl master, etc)