Brock n Broll Recordings is a the umbrella term for the stuff that I (Michael Whalley) work on.  I provide production, recording and mixing for bands, artists, musicians, etc.

I have been recording music for about 10 years now.  I started out by recording my own music/bands and then moved onto recording friends music.  I did this in sheds, basements, attics, ice cream shops, rehearsal rooms, pub cellars.... The list goes on.

I then decided to get a formal education in 'putting mics on things' and enrolled on a course at The School of Sound Recording in Manchester.

Since then I was running my own studio in the North West called Brock n Broll, but, after the place got flooded I decided to go freelance and work in other peoples studios that could fit with different clients needs/budgets.

The studios I currently have access to are:

-Elevator (Liverpool)
-White Bear (Chorley)
-Yellow Arch (Sheffield)
-Big City Jacks (Bury)
-Pinhole (Manchester)
-Small Town America (Derry, Ireland)
-Middle Farm (Devon)

I can always find studios in your area though if needs be :)

I also spend a fair chunk of time on tour working as a backline technician (setting up and maintaining equipment for musicians on the road).  Within this role my current/past clients are Echo & The Bunnymen, Spandau Ballet, Circa Waves, Johnny Marr, They Might Be Giants, The Horrors, Happy Mondays, Bipolar Sunshine, Richard Hawley, Hot Chip, The DMAs, plus more...

The touring can take me away for long periods at a time, so if you want to record with me get in touch sooner rather than later to discuss your project.

You can hear examples of my work on the Audio Examples page, but, you may also find it interesting to check out my own band (which I produce, record and mix myself).